The Metropolitan Spirit (Newsletter)

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Inside this Issue

Honoring Our Fathers, Celebrating Our Youth, P.1
The Pastor’s Page, P. 3
Council of Bishops’ Statement, P. 4
Bishop Richardson’s Litany, P. 6
High School Graduates, P. 7
College and Professional Graduates, P. 8
Scholarship Endowment Recipients, P. 9
Washington Annual Conference, P. 10
Honoring Our Fathers, P. 13
Youth Corner, P. 16
A Mission Blessing, P. 16
Spotlight on a Senior, P. 18
The Steward Board, P. 19
A Spiritual Reflection, P. 23
What’s Going On?, P. 24
Why Parenting Matters, P. 26
The “Carolyn McClain Spirit” Awards, P. 29
Health Matters, P. 30
A Multigenerational Church, P. 32
A Literary Work, P. 33

The Metropolitan Spirit is a Publication of the Commission on Public Relations