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Lent 2024: Transformation by Sis. Diane Woodford


Each one of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give. You should not give if it makes you unhappy or if you feel forced to give. God loves those who are happy to give.

2 Corinthians 9: 7


February 20, 2024


Previously, I have spent many years dreading the Lenten season because I was following instructions regarding my relationship with God. I followed the prescribed orders from my mother and church leaders for collective fasting, scheduled prayer times, no eating this or that, and turning off the television. The list went on and on.

Although I felt obligated to observe Lent, I would rarely make it through the entire 40 days of keeping the assigned rules. “Something” had to give. Lent felt like torture and that was not working for me.

After praying for guidance, I began to observe Lent by spending alone time with God. I walked by the ocean, meditated during sunrise, and most importantly I surrendered to the will of God for “my Lent.” Once I surrendered to “my Lent,” a transformation occurred. I realized that Lent is a season to get nearer to God. I now observe the entire 40 days of Lent; clearly ready because I know it is the path to transformation for me!

                                                            Sis. Diane Woodford

Morning Meditation Team


Prayer: Lord, please help us to get closer to you as we observe this the season of Lent. May we be transformed with a renewed mind and heart to love you more. Asé


Lent 2024

We invite you to join us in reflection, meditation and prayer for a season of renewal, repentance and rejoicing from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday.

Each day is a reflection representing the thoughts and aspirations of the members and friends of Metropolitan African Methodist Episcopal Church expressing what the season of Lent means to them.  Their wide range of perspectives describe how this time of renewal, repentance and rejoicing has been and will be used to focus on Jesus’ life, crucifixion and resurrection.

Read along with us each day or download the book to read and write along with us offline.




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