2022 Scholarship Opportunities

The Metropolitan A.M.E. Church Scholarship Endowment

The Metropolitan AME Church Scholarship Endowment Payne-Tanner Memorial’s mission of awarding scholarships to deserving students continues. The application will be available beginning February 15, 2022; completed application packages must be received by April 15, 2022. All items must be mailed to the Scholarship Endowment’s mailing address unless otherwise stated below.

Applications can be downloaded from the church's website or can be requested and delivered via email from mamecscholarship@gmail.com. The Scholarship Endowment Committee is modifying the scholarship application requirements and process. The following modifications have been made to accommodate students this year:

1. Interviews

All interviews will be conducted via telephone or via video teleconference.

2. Award Notification

Notification of awards will be provided via email.

3. Letter of Acceptance/Proof of Enrollment

The Scholarship Endowment Committee will accept a transcript as proof of enrollment for college students.

4. Letters of Recommendation

Recommendations from the Academic Advisor/Counselor/Instructor may be emailed to the following email address: mamecscholarship@gmail.com. The emailed recommendation must be sent from the institution’s email address assigned to the advisor, counselor, or instructor and not from personal email addresses.

5. Transcripts

Unofficial transcripts will be accepted in lieu of official transcripts.

The scholarship application remains the same in all other respects. The modifications will only be effective for the 2022 application year. Please contact Pamela Moore at plfmoore@yahoo.com if you have any questions.

Metropolitan A.M.E. Church Scholarship Application.2022
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Potomac District Church School Council
Timothy S. Hay Memorial Scholarship Endowment

The Timothy S. Hay Scholarship Endowment was established by the Potomac District Church School Council in 1993 to honor the late Brother Timothy S. Hay, who served with distinction as District Superintendent for more than a decade. Attached you will find a copy of the scholarship application and guidelines. Please make as many copies as needed and distribute to the graduating high school seniors and continuing college students in your Church School.

Please make sure that you give students a copy of the guidelines and the checklist as well.

  • The guidelines contain important information about eligibility, rules and procedures.

  • The checklist will assist the students in making sure their packet is complete; and also identifies the order in which the information in their application packet should be organized.

Eligible students must be active members of a Potomac District Church School and have a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.5 on a 4-point scale.

This year, students will have the opportunity to electronically file their scholarship application and all supporting documents. All the student will need to do is submit his/her application and all supporting documents to the following email address: tshayscholarship@gmail.com The email should contain the student’s complete name as it will appear of the application, and all documents should be attached. Students will be notified by return email that their application has been received and the status (whether the application packet is complete or not).

Applications are due by May 1, 2022

Even though submitting electronically, the Church School Superintendent is still required to sign the scholarship application. Superintendents are reminded that your signature on the application is verification that the applicant is indeed a member of your local Church School in regular attendance. Please note the following guidelines are strictly enforced:

Please note: Students who are previous recipients of an award from the TSH Scholarship Endowment are ineligible to apply again.

  • Only OFFICIAL school transcripts will be accepted. So please, make sure your students request their transcripts early.

  • All letters of recommendation from schools/educational institutions must be on letterhead; and they must be from one of the students' current teachers/counselors/advisors, etc.

  • The one-to-two-page limit on the Essay is strictly enforced. The student's essay must be focused on their biographical sketch and career goals.

Students who wish may submit hard copies of their application and supporting documents. Students should only submit one application packet – either electronically or by mail. Regardless of whether filing electronically or submitting hard copy by mail, the application deadline is May 1, 2022. The completed application and all other documents must actually be received by the Scholarship Committee on that date (not postmarked).

The announcement of 2022 scholarship recipients will be made at this year’s Church School Youth Explosion. Please encourage all eligible young people in your Church School to take advantage of this opportunity.

Any questions regarding the application process, including the electronic filing, should be submitted to the email address provided. Or, you may contact the Scholarship Chairperson, Sister Ellen Fizer at (301) 579-2482.

TSH Scholarship Application 2022
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Ifill Scholarship Fund

The application period for the Ifill Scholarship fund will open on March 15. This scholarship is established to aid students in the District of Columbia to pursue their dreams of higher education. Each applicant must submit a completed application online or via mail to the Scholarship Committee. Applications and all supporting material will be accepted beginning March 15 but must be received by May 1. The application, criteria, and instructions are included below. Please email documents to scholarships@metropolitanamec.org

Eligibility Criteria

Scholarship awards are available for high school students who meet the following criteria:

  • Resident of the District of Columbia

  • Proof of enrollment or acceptance in an accredited post-secondary institution.

  • Submit all required application materials online at www.metropolitaname.org and comply with all application requirements within the prescribed time period of March 15 to May 1, 2022.

  • All materials must be received by May 1, 2022.

  • Incomplete applications will not be considered.

  • Application may be submitted online to scholarships@metropolitanamec.org

  • Submit to the competitive application process administered by the Scholarship Committee

Types of Scholarship Awards and Disbursement
  • The recipient may designate the scholarship award for tuition aid and/or books. All checks will be payable to the post-secondary institution of attendance. The amounts of awards vary from year to year.

  • The Scholarship Committee will announce the awards by Friday prior to Memorial Day and the presentation of awards will take place on the second Sunday in June as part of the Youth Day celebration at Metropolitan A.M.E. Church during the 11:00 a.m. worship service.

  • The recipient, or an immediate family member, is requested to attend this service to receive the acknowledgement of the award.

Application Form


  • Each applicant must submit a completed application online to the Scholarship Committee.

  • Applications and all supporting material will be accepted beginning March 15 but must be received by May 1.

  • Incomplete materials will not be considered. Read the application carefully and answer all questions. In addition, submit the following information:

  • Letter of acceptance or a current certificate of enrollment (if currently enrolled) to an accredited post-secondary institution.

  • Letter of recommendation from one of the following:

a counselor or major academic advisor.

a subject instructor.

  • Transcript or record of grades

  • A personal statement written by applicant addressing academic merit, reasons for pursuing vocational and occupational goals, and why deserving of an award (not to exceed 150 words).

  • Any other pertinent information, i.e., honors, awards, special programs.

  • Interview: Each qualifying applicant will be required to appear before the Scholarship Committee for a personal interview. (Virtual interview is acceptable)

  • Failure to appear for the scheduled interview will result in the disqualification of the application.

Please submit application and supporting documents online to scholarships@metropolitanamec.org.

Any scholarship applications and documents that are not received by the deadline will not be considered.

Ifill Scholarship Application 2022
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McZier Scholarship Fund

The application period for the McZier Scholarship fund will open on March 15. This scholarship is established to assist "C" students at Metropolitan A.M.E. to pursue opportunities in higher education. Each applicant must submit a completed application online or via mail to the Scholarship Committee. Applications and all supporting material will be accepted beginning March 15 but must be received by May 1, 2022. The application, criteria, and instructions are included below. Please email all documents to scholarships@metropolitanamec.org

McZier Scholarship Application 2022
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