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Advent 2023: Advent Reflection by Rev. Kendal McBroom


“Fear not, for I am with you...”

Isaiah 41:10 NRSVUE


Christmas Day

This season brings much joy and happiness for many. Homes are filled with laughter, small

children are playing, and tables are laid out with food. This is a great memory and experience for

many, but I challenge us to look at another side of the season.

Someone is dealing with their first Christmas since the passing of their loved one, the loss of

employment, or the hurt of loneliness. Others are still reeling from the wars and hostilities in

their backyard. We ought to pause and reflect on how Christmas is not always a joyous time. This should move us to reflect on the first Christmas, the sacred narrative of Jesus’ birth. Born

under Roman occupation in the backwoods of Bethlehem, God enters humanity.

This reflection should connect our hearts and minds to the heart and mind of Mary and Joseph.

While anxiously awaiting the arrival of their child, the season did not necessarily evoke the

warm and fuzzy. Possibly they were contemplating housing, rearing this child to value their

heritage while living under the occupation. Whatever the case, I pray that we stand with them for

a moment, taking in the depth and experience for this is where God is.

Reverend Kendal McBroom

Ministerial Staff


Prayer: Lord, help us to sit with the real conditions of your arrival to save and liberate us. Help

us to know and listen to the cries of the people for whom this season brings anxiety and grief.

Allow us to be conduits of your love, compassion, care, and justice. We pray to actively be a part

of shaping the world for the betterment of your people. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


Advent Guide 2023

As we stand in expectation of peace on Earth and reflect on the events of our times and the lives of our brothers, sisters and siblings in Christ, we await change and new birth.

We seek, listen and perceive the presence of God in words of Hope, Peace, Joy and Love.

We invite you to join us in meditation, reflection, prayer and spiritual disciplines throughout the season of Advent and beyond.

Read along with us each day or download the book to read and reflect along with us offline.




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