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Advent 2023: Honoring the Elders in the Birth of a New Generation by Sis. Maurita Coley-Flippin


“Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the Lord thy

God giveth thee.”

Exodus. 20:12, also known as “The Fifth Commandment.” NRSVUE

Tenth Day After Christmas

In this season of Advent, many of us are engaged in role reversals, where we are now the

caregivers of the people who gave so much to us. As our grandmother, our matriarch, aka “Big

Ma” approaches her 106th year, she has become frail and dependent on the people who used to

depend on her. Recently, she whispered to me, tearfully, “If I could just be with y’all all the time,

I’ll be alright.”

I shared this request with our family, and I was thrilled to see generations of her progeny coming

together to try to make that happen. Napping in chairs and on uncomfortable French provincial

furniture just to be near her (yes, the kind with plastic covering over it), learning her signature

cake and peach cobbler recipes, carrying her in her wheelchair, giving her foot and scalp

massages, manicures, and warm and loving kisses. Our efforts to honor the wishes of our

“queen” have given birth to a new thing within our family: compassion not only for our parents,

but for one another as we age.

Sister Maurita Coley-Flippin

Steward Emeritus

Board Member, Daniel Alexander Payne

Community Development Corporation


Prayer: Dear Lord, as the Advent season approaches, help us to birth a new generation of caregivers who lovingly care for and honor our parents, who bear their names with dignity and devotion, because of, or regardless of, what they did or didn’t do for us. Amen


Advent Guide 2023

As we stand in expectation of peace on Earth and reflect on the events of our times and the lives of our brothers, sisters and siblings in Christ, we await change and new birth.

We seek, listen and perceive the presence of God in words of Hope, Peace, Joy and Love.

We invite you to join us in meditation, reflection, prayer and spiritual disciplines throughout the season of Advent and beyond.

Read along with us each day or download the book to read and reflect along with us offline.




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