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Election Results and Closing Worship Services of the 51st Session of the General Conference

Intergenerational Bible Discovery Hour- Sunday July 11, 2021 7:30 am EST with Rev. Dr. Shively T.J. Smith and Rev. Samuel L. Green, Jr.


Episcopal Assignments


Watch the Service of Consecration of Bishops and Closing Worship Service

We celebrate the election of Bishop Silvester Scott Beaman (139), Bishop Marvin Clyde Zanders, II (140), Bishop Francine A. Brookins (141), and Bishop Frederick A. Wright, Sr. (142).


Watch the Installation and Consecration of the newly elected General Officers and Judicial Council:

We also celebrate the newly elected General Officers:

Mr. Marcus T. Henderson, Sr.


Rev. Dr. James F. Miller

Executive Director, Department of Retirement Services

Dr. John F. Green

Executive Director, Department of Global Witness and Ministry

Rev. Dr. Marcellus A. Norris

Executive Director, Department of Church Growth and Development

And the elected Judicial Council Members, Class of 2021:

Rev. Jonathan C. Augustine

Rev. O. Jerome Green

Advocate Thablie M. Ngubeni


Click below to see the election results of the 51st Session of the General Conference.

To see more coverage, see the AME Church's Facebook page:


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