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Lent 2021: A Cross for Followers by Yvonne Bolling


"If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me."

-Luke 9:23


February 25, 2021

A Cross for Followers

Lent is the time we strive to grow closer to God. This is the season of fasting, repentance, self-denial, and spiritual discipline. We usually enter a period of fasting or sacrifice as we prepare for Easter; waiting for the Resurrection.

Reading the verse of scripture above, it is clear that we, like Jesus, must bear a cross if we want to be followers of Him. The scripture implies that we are daily confronted with the cross. This must mean we go beyond those forty days and forty nights in our sacrifices. What cross are you bearing? What obstacles are keeping you from following Jesus? Does your career/work hinder you? Do your relationships, friends, behaviors prevent you from growing in God’s purpose for your life?

Jesus warned the disciples of the hardships they would face as His followers. We too must know that our Christian journey will not be an easy one. Our crosses will be the obstacles and trials we face; the loss of a friend or family member, an inept supervisor, a disrespectful neighbor, a health challenge, injustices, a rude clerk, financial difficulty, unemployment, and the list goes on. You fill in the rest.

Our victory will only be accomplished in looking to The One who bore His cross for all our sins and heartaches.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, as we strive to be more like you and do your will, help us to follow you. Amen

Steward Yvonne Bolling


Church School


Lent 2021

The members and friends of Metropolitan African Methodist Episcopal Church

have written their devotions and reflections on the impact of the season of Lent

in their lives. Each testimony in the booklet is a personal reflection of the

their experiences.

We welcome you on this journey with us as we discuss our sacrifices and hope

that some aspect of the scripture, reflections, or prayers will inspire you as you

experience the season.

Read along with us each day or download the book to read along with us offline. May God bless and keep you throughout this season of reflection.



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